September 25  Coffeehouse

Laura McClusky and Michael Niman

faculty at UB and Buffalo State

Belize: Maya Self Governance;

Guatemalan Territorial Claims

Canisius College Scence Center

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The Maya majority in Belize,despite rulings in their favor by international courts, continue to struggle for land and

a measure of autonomy .

Meanwhile, Guatemala aggressively denies Belize's sovereignty.

Educated Mayas lead the resistance in both struggles.

The Maya Education Foundation

directs  their limited resources to help.



October 23  Coffeehouse

Tom Potts, Gwynn Thomas, Bill Jungels

Gwynn Thomas has researched women Heads of State

in Latin America. Potts and Jungels have considerable

experience in Chiapas where the idea originated with the EZLN


MEXICO: an indigenous

woman president?

Canisius College Scence Center

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The Zapatistas and the Indigenous Congress are running an indigenous woman, Maria de Jesus Patricio Martinez, for president of Mexico in the upcoming elections. Does she have a serious chance? Is that the point?

What will be the effect on Civil Society, perhaps re-aroused by the recent earthquakes. What has been the record in Latin America of Indigenous political leaders and women political leaders?




Novembeer 27  Coffeehouse

John Sevigny and Carmen Rodriguez

John Sevigny has photographed and interviewed gang member s

in El Salvador jails. He and Carmen Rodrguez

will reflect on what they heard from these young men.


El Salvador

gangs • photos • interviews

Canisius College Scence Center

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John has recently photographed in El Salvador members from gangssuch as MR 13.  view more of his photos

He and Carmen will speak about their conversations

with these young incarcerated men. Many of their gangs formed first in the USA and were deported back to Central America

with them. Now they are driving young men and boys

who don't want to be part of that culture to migrate to the USA.