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with Karen Scott, J.D.; Julia Hall, J.D.; Dr. Myron Glick; Julie Algubani



Family Arrested and Turned over to Border Patrol in Geneseo.


Thursday night a family was detained while driving to church in Geneseo.  The Worker Justice Center responded immediately and mobilized to try and support this family of dairy workers.


What happened:

The family was pulled over by the Geneseo police, who then called Boarder Patrol.  There was a family in the car: Dahiri and three children (9 months old, 4 year old, and 1 year old) all US citizens, Dahiri's sister Xiomara and her two children (2 months old and 4 year old) and their 12 year old brother.  The family is from Guatemala.

After Board Patrol was called the children were separated from their parents and placed in a separate van.  Everyone had to wait on the side of the road, often in cars turned off with no heat, for two hours. There was an outpouring of support from Geneseo students and community members.  Facebook has many live videos.


Eventually the family was taken to Rochester Border Patrol Office.  Outside community members rallied in support.  After the first mom was released and the second was sent to Buffalo, the civil disobedience turned violent and state troupers arrested 2 people.  State troupers were armed with batons, pepper sprays, dogs, and paint guns.

Later that evening one mom and two children were released because they were already in proceedings.  The other mom and the 12 year old brother were taken to Buffalo facility because they have a prior order. They are getting released soon.


What can you do:


-Call the Geneseo police and tell them that this is unacceptable

-Donate to the Worker Justice Center, they are on the front lines until all hours of the morning fighting for families and they have very little resources to do it with.

-Social media.


story from John Ghertner



Letter From Buffalo - The Underground Railroad for Refugees

This article by Jake Halpern in the March 13 issue of The New Yorker magazine highlights the work that Vive has been doing for decades aiding refugees on their way to apply for asylum in Canada. Many of us who have worked in the past with Vive are grateful that its story is becoming more widely known. Full story at:



Union tips off Border Patrol in immigration crackdown

Buffalo News report on how local carpenters union is reporting use of undocumented workers on local construction projects. Full report at:



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National News and Analysis

A great article about the immigrant detention system



A System Designed to Make People Disappear

An excellent article describes what it is like to represent someone in immigration detention today, dealing with the obstacles that I.C.E. puts up.



How Pope Francis is leading the Catholic Church against anti-migrant populism

Read the article in the Washington Post. click here


Coalition Urges US to Free Mexican Journalist Seeking Asylum



Border wall with Mexico won’t be built ‘from sea to shining sea,’ DHS secretary says



ICE Nabs Young "Dreamer" Applicant After She Speaks Out at a News Conference


Washington Post report on the arrest of Daniela Vargas, an applicant for "Dreamer" status shortly after she spoke out at a news conference about the need or a path to citizenship.

This story noted thanks to the list-serve frontera  Read full story at:



UN Rights Chief Decries Trump's U.S. Immigration Policies


The United Nations human rights chief has warned that U.S. President Donald Trump's immigration policies could lead to collective expulsions of migrants that would amount to a breach of international law.

Read story at:



Farmers Rethink Support for Trump


How Trump immigration and trade policies will effect farmers and consumers.

Read story Online.


I.C.E moves to deport "Dreamer" accused of no crime

Daniel Ramirez who had a work permit and DACA (Dreamer) status was taken in by I.C.E which is now threatening to deport him. This is a case with frightening implications for all "Dreamers"

Read the New Yorker Report