Immigrant Solidarity Rally in Buffalo on Wednesday, February 15

Wed. Feb.15, 4pm-6pm  NO HUMAN IS ILLEGAL: solidarity rally, against expansion of ICE powers and raids

at 130 Delaware Ave, Buffalo, NY 14202

Upstate residents will march in solidarity with our undocumented neighbors, and for anyone detained pending lengthy deportation proceedings, especially those detained in isolation.


On  Saturday, February 18 , the rally will be repeated in the same location but will take place from 12-2pm. On Wed. and Sat. there will be rallies simultaneously happening in Syracuse (213 South Salina St), and in Geneva (433 Exchange St).


The events are being organized by Indivisible Seneca Falls; one organizer came to the well-attended organizing huddle at the Peace Center on Sunday, and became part of the new Peace Center Immigration and Refugee Justice (IRJ) taskforce (contact Patricia Murphy for information on IRJ).


Here is a press-release statement from Indivisible Seneca Falls Public Event Page


"At the end of January, President Trump signed an executive order that dramatically increases the latitude for ICE agents to detain individuals during raids. The order expands ICE priorities from deportation of aliens with adjudicated criminal offense to detention of virtually any person that an ICE officer may find suspicious based on personal judgment.

In the days since, immigrant, migrant, and communities containing undocumented individuals have been subject to a mounting climate of fear as ICE has performed raids across the country under the recklessly broad parameters authorized by the president.

It is not merely rhetoric that injustice everywhere affects justice everywhere: when individuals live in the shadows, in a climate of fear, afraid to invoke the protection and aid of the law to protect themselves and their families, or to regulate their workplaces, public health and safety suffer. Far from bolstering the rule of law or guaranteeing security for our communities, Trump’s instructions to ICE have already been a detriment to public safety and personal security.

When it becomes easier for criminals to exploit individuals due to fear of their immigration status, lawlessness and violence increase. When trust erodes between law enforcement and the communities they serve, important police work to monitor and hold accountable violent individuals goes undone.

More importantly though: we residents of Upstate New York believe, on principle, that No Human Is Illegal. We believe in the promise of America, and the right to freedom and dignity to all within its borders."

With apologies to this mother for having to blur her face to protect her. The children look different by now.


She and the kids had been picked up in Tucson out shopping. Now they were deported and were at a volunteer aid station just on the Mexican side of Nogales. The husband and father was somewhere in Tucson, unaware of what had happened.